Building Clinic

Many of our children need adaptive equipment to improve their quality of life but in Haiti resources are severely limited. 

We have been able to carry in some walkers, standers, and wheelchairs from the states and adapt them to the children but this only makes a small dent in the big need.

 75% of the children we serve require a piece of adaptive equipment to help them sit, stand, or walk. For this reason the Building Clinic was developed to fabricate customized chairs, walkers, and standers out of resources available in Haiti such as PVC pipe, ductape, wooden Haitian chairs, 5 gallons buckets, etc. 

The Building Clinic is a chance for any outreach child to get custom made equipment built, fixed, or adapted based on their individual needs.

The Building Clinic is open 1 Friday each month and also for 2 entire weeks 3 times a year during STAND trips. We build and distribute many pieces of equipment that will help these kids advance in their skills and increase their quality of life.

Please join us through praying or donating for the Building Clinic! An average piece of equipment costs $25 to $50US to make. 

Would you consider making a one time donation towards a piece of equipment?