Doctor & Clinic Visits

Children with disabilities often have compromised immune systems that frequently cause them to be sick more often or catch illnesses quicker and with more severity. Medical care in Haiti is expensive and many families can’t afford to get the medical care their children need. For this reason we realized medical care was as a gap that these families needed our help to fill. We provide access to free hospital care to the 250 Active Outreach Program members. Unfortunately we do not have the funding or means to provide to all 1000 outreach children. The families know that we have 3 locations between 3 cities that if their child is sick they can bring them to one of these locations on any weekday for only 100gds and we will cover the cost of all lab work and prescriptions. If for some reason they cannot make it to the clinic they can call the medical emergency telephone and will be given instructions on other options. The nursing staff then does a home visit a week later to ensure that the child is getting better and medications are being given appropriately as well as check on how the family is doing.