Educating Nationals

“Teach a man to fish and he will eat for a lifetime…give a man a fish and he will eat for a day”
 One of the 5 aspects of our starfish is Educating Nationals. We are passionate about pouring into the nationals and equipping them with the skills they need to continue ministry and therapy across Haiti. One thing we have learned over the years is that educating is much harder and more costly upfront  than doing it yourself but the investment produces more fruit and is more effective in spreading therapy across Haiti. We truly believe education is the MOST WORTHWILE Investment and a POWERFUL Weapon to change Haiti. Educating Nationals is multiplying the impact we can have in Haiti. If we can see 10 kids a day great. If we can train 10 people to see 10 kids a day now we just impacted 100 kids lives a day.  What does Educating Nationals look like for us?
• Providing a hands on, educational practice environment and experience.
• Supervising students for their clinical education (for those in school)
• Providing continuing education in the area of pediatrics (for those in school, out of school, or preparing to go to school)
• Being a professor and helping teach at therapy schools
• Helping locals to go to school to be Rehab Technicians, Physical Therapists, and Occupational Therapists.
• Helping young adults find their passion in therapy
Over the years we have helped Educate/Train close to 3 dozen nationals. As the years go on this calling has become greater and greater. In 2012 it started with educating a local translator to be an Activity Assistant for the Miriam Center. He went on to Rehab Technician school at UNAH/LLU in Carrefoure, Haiti. This Rehab Technician School is where teaching as a professor and taking fieldwork students started. In 2016 Autumn Marshall wrote a pediatric therapy curriculum with the purpose of educating the Rehab Technicians to have a thorough understanding of pediatrics in OT and PT. In 2015 the first 4 years Bachelors level Occupational and Physical Therapy School Opened in Leogane, Haiti called FACULTÉ DES SCIENCES DE RÉHABILITATION DE LÉOGANE (FSRL). We also assist in teaching and facilitating fieldwork for these students as well as students from The Aristide University PT program in PAP.  In 2018 the pediatric course Autumn wrote was adapted and turned into a year long intro to therapy course for locals interested in therapy as possible career and continuing education opportunity for Rehab Techs to specialize in pediatrics. We have had 25 students complete this course and 19 of them are now in school to become Rehab Technicians, Therapists, working as Activity Assistants, or working as Rehab Technicians who specialize in pediatrics.
 Would you consider investing in this aspect of our ministry?

“A big thank you to 5 STAR! For helping me go to Rehab Technician School! It’s a great opportunity 5 STAR can offer me, to learn Therapy! I have a great responsibility to learn as much as I can and to study hard. I have a few months of school left but mainly my internships. I thank 5 STAR again for all its help and support! I cannot wait to come back and work for 5 STAR! I learned so much to help with programming and therapy! I have new technique, I have new program plan, Thank you very much!” – Sony


Change Haiti by training 1 national at a time