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I am incredibly blessed to have an amazing team in Haiti that keeps everything fully running while I am stateside collecting supplies, support raising, and having some family time. I wanted to take a few minutes and share a few updates from Haiti! 
 Haitian Orthopedic Surgeon
We are super excited that Dr. Archelus a Haitian Orthopedic Surgeon has finished his training with Dr. Scott down at Diquini Hospital and has moved his family to PdP. He actually lives right around the corner from the clinic. He is working full-time at La Pointe Hospital doing Orthopedic Surgery. Since moving there first week of September he has done 6 major orthopedic surgeries for our kids that otherwise would have had to go all the way back to Diquini (12-15 hour trip 1 way through gang territories). We are also super excited that Dr. Archelus is partnering with our Hope Walks clubfoot clinic and doing the clubfoot Tenotomy procedures right at our clinic! This is a HUGE blessing to our families and to our staff. Last week he came and did 3 Tenotomies and will continue to come and do them as kids are ready. In the past we have had to wait till multiple kids were ready for the procedure and then send them 12+ hours away through gang territories to get the procedure done. We are so excited for our new partnership with Dr. Archelus both for Tenotomies and for major orthopedic surgeries. 

With that said We do have a surgery we need to get sponsor for this young woman is 13 and came from Ansrouge which is about 5 hours away. Dr. Archelus asked 5 STAR for help getting her a sponsor for her surgery as her family is unable to pay for her life changing surgery. We need $500 to cover his surgery.   
Did you know that we are up to 22 Haitian Staff working for 5 STAR?! God has truly blessed us with an amazing team of staff who all have a passion for the families we serve and a passion for serving the Lord through their individual gifts and talents. Here is the breakdown:
Therapy Department: 1 OT, 1 PT, 3 Rehab Technicians, 2 Activity Assistants, and a therapy dog! 

Medical: 4 nurses (2 focusing on medical homevisits and medical advocacy, 1 focused on nutrition, and 1 on preventative health through Vitamin Angel Distribution). 
Leadership/Supervision: Have a Haitian Director and Haitian co-director. Together they have been doing a wonderful job supervising the staff and keeping everything running. They work well together and add a Co-director really helped both the director and not feel so overwhelmed.

Pastoral Care: We are so excited that this year we were able to add a full-time pastoral care position care staff member. His role is multi-faceted as he is in charge of controlling who comes in and out of the clinic aka Gate Keeper but also to have intentional conversations with each person, lead group devotions after each therapy session, lead staff devotions each morning, and lead staff Bible study on Thursday Afternoons. To top it off he is a father in the program so can really relate to the other parents.


Security: we have 2 night security guards
 Mothers making Moringa powder: 5
We rely heavily on Moringa powder nicknamed the “Miracle Plant”. We have 5 mothers of children in our program who gather the leaves and powder them. We use this powder not just as our multivitamin source for all our children but also as a main ingredient we use in our malnutrition program. We added 2 more mothers this year and looks like we will need to probably add another 2 by 2024! When God puts a superfood right on your island you use it!
Please keep all our staff in your prayers. Pray that they would remain grounded in the Lord and draw strength from him. The work we do is not easy. This past month we had 8 children pass away and go to be with Jesus. Pray for the staff to not get discouraged and that God would give them the strength to keep serving these families.  Pray that they can love each family they serve well and share the love of Christ with them! Pray that we can gain more monthly support so that we can ensure to pay everyones salary each month. Since moving the clinic we have taken on $2,200 more per month in salary’s than we used to have. We have added some much needed positions and took over a few salaries that STAND was paying when we partnered with them. Would you please pray about possibly becoming a monthly partner with 5 STAR. Even a $25 a month donation makes a huge difference in the sustainability of the program and our amazing staff.  
Watch Me Grow Nutrition Program
The rate of malnutrition in Haiti has skyrocketed this year especially in the last few months since the borders to the DR have been closed. Due to the increased needs we re-evluated our current nutrition program and revamped it back in August. A fellow missionary Amber agreed to oversee the nutrition program and oversee the revamping. We named the new nutrition program “Watch Me Grow.” We went from serving 50 children to over 150! Instead of providing food 1x a month to families and not seeing progress…we now require weekly check ins with them and are seeing amazing transformations not just physically but spiritually as well! By meeting with the families weekly we are able to build relationship and encourage them. We are also able to adjust nutrition provided based on progress weekly. Amber is doing an incredible job overseeing this aspect of the program and we have realized that Watch Me Grow is a foundation to therapy. Majority of the children we serve who are developmentally delayed it traces back to malnutrition. As we meet each child’s nutritional needs we then see them being able to start meeting their developmental milestones rather quickly! Nutrition is expensive and therefore we are in great need of monthly sponsors for this program. Would you consider becoming a monthly nutrition partner. For just $75 a month you can provide sponsorship to1 child and meet their nutritional needs. Check out some of these transformation pictures below and CLICK To see the video Amber and our friend Anna (with YWAM) worked so hard to make! 

CLICK HERE To see the Watch Me Grow Video 

God answered a huge prayer for nutrition a few days ago. I have been praying for months that a store would have a really good sale on protein powder and I am so excited to share that God did just that! Really good Protein Powder for just $10 typically $40+ per canister. Dad was able to get 200 canisters but now we need to raise $2,000 to cover these 200 canisters of protein. Would you consider sponsoring 1 canister at $10. We rely on protein heavily in our nutrition program. 

The therapy program has been thriving! I have loved watching it flourish over the last 6 months. Abel (our OT) and Herlyne (our PT) have done a great job stepping up and leading. All the therapy staff have been given 1 area that they are responsible for and have been doing great with that! I love seeing their creativity in treatments and striving to make therapy fun for the kids. 
Re-Opening of the Building Clinic
2 months ago after finishing the Building Clinic Training Seminar we were able to reopen the building clinic. Every Friday the clinic has been full as the staff build life changing adaptive equipment for the kids. The focus the past 4 weeks has been on adaptive seating for the children who are attending school to ensure they can fully participate in their education environments. I am so proud of the staff who have been doing a fantastic job customizing each piece of equipment to the individual child’s needs. 

So far we have raised $1,000 towards our $10,000 need. We still to raise another $9,000 to cover the shipping of all the supplies we have shipped over the past 2 months from multiple states. Please see previous email update for details. 


I am excited about our upcoming fundraiser at the Hatian Sensation in Sharon, PA. Save the date for December 2! Event will run from 12-7. This year we will have:
1. Silent Auction that will also be virtual!
2. A Chinese Auction
3. 50/50 raffle
*You do not need to be present to win
*If you cannot come the day of the event you can stop in any day the week prior to the event and buy tickets for the auctioneers or to buy Haitian Made Products! We will have the following available for sale:
-Haitian Vanilla
-Haitian Hot Chocolate
-Haitian Regular Chocolate
-Haitian Coffee
Haitian Metal Art

++We are still looking for donations for the Silent Auction and Chinese Auction as well as volunteers to help the day of. Please reply to this email if you are able to help or have donations. 
1. ONLINE CTEN WEBSITE- www.cten.org/5star

2. Venmo: 
contact@5star-ministry.com, 724-944-8290, fivestarglobalministry

3.PAYPAL: contact@5star-ministry.com

5 STAR Global Ministry
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Autumn Marshall OTR/L
President and Co-founder 5 STAR Global Ministry
Miriam Center Therapy Coordinator
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BLOG: www.autumnsreflections.blogspot.com 
Youtube: Autumn Marshall
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