Children with disabilities often have compromised immune systems that frequently cause them to be sick more often or catch illnesses quicker and with more severity. Medical care in Haiti is expensive and many families can’t afford to get the medical care their children need. For this reason we realized medical care was as a gap that these families needed our help to fill. We provide access to free hospital care to the 250 Active Outreach Program members. Unfortunately we do not have the funding or means to provide to all 1,000 outreach children. Due to the negative stigma placed on children with disabilities and them being seen as worthless, cursed and better off dead we have hired 2 nurses who help facilitate the children’s stay at the hospital. Their role is advocating for the outreach children by helping to make sure the child is getting the best care possible, that the right questions are being asked, and that the right treatment is happening. Sadly without having an advocate these children are often given poor quality of care or turned away and refused care. We believe every child deserves the right to the best possible treatment and care despite their level of disability. The families have 2 hospital options to take their child to that we will pay for their care. If the child is not receiving the quality of care they need at one of those hospitals our nursing staff has the ability to transfer them to a private clinic when needed. The nursing staff does not just help the family during the hospital stay but does post hospital home visit to ensure the child is getting better and all the follow up care is being done appropriately.