Mobile Clinic

This is a new aspect of the program that we just started this year and is definitely something that we want to continue. We go into the rural areas and set up the Vitamin Angel program, do Pediatric and Adult Therapy screening and treatments, provide various educations, and just bring love and awareness to that community. We have done 2 so far. The first up in the mountains on the outskirts of St. Louis Du Nord and the second in Chansolm about an hour from PdP up in the mountains. Both were huge success’s. Our goal is to do 4-6 per year. 

During our first mobile clinic we came across a young boy with what looked like a broken arm. We sent him for X-rays and came back as a severe bone infection that had spread to multiple bones. We were able to sponsor him to go get life saving surgery in PAP. Now he is healthy and God only know what he has in store for his life!

During second mobile clinic we met one family that 3 children and the mother had bone deformities. We were able to help them get to the clinic, get X-rays and to get the 3 children who were immobile pieces of equipment to help them. They are also now on a vitamin program to receive calcium and Moringa supplements every month. I know for sure this families life was not only changed but encouraged and given hope through our visit!