This aspect of the program exist to help provide extra nutritional support to children whose level or type of disability prevents them from receiving the amount of nutrients and calories they need from the food their families eat at home. This aspect of the program is very individualized. Each child must be evaluated by one of the nurses and meet certain requirements to be accepted. We have a pourage type food that Stephanie makes. She has done a lot of research and created a super nutritious food supplement from items we can get in Haiti. This food is a supplement that can replace 1 meal a day at home. We also have started using Medical Mumba which is a special peanut butter made in Haiti that is reinforced and formulated with vitamins to help pull children out of malnutrition or provide extra vitamins. There are 3 levels of peanut butter red for severe malnutrition, orange peanut butter for moderate malnutrition, and vitamumba a nutrition vitamin supplement for kids 3+. For infants and toddler we also work to get some fortified formula’s and toddler milks donated and carried in from the states. Each child on the nutrition food comes to pick it up weekly. If a child is in any stage of malnutrition we facilitate getting them into 1 of the 2 malnutrition clinics in our area.

“The peanut butter program has helped my daughter to gain weight as well as stay healthier.” – Regina’s father

“He is very small and the peanut butter program has helped him to get stronger and gain weight.” – Robertho’s mother

“I am thankful for the peanut butter program because it has made him much stronger and healthier.” – Frandley’s mom