Our Faith

We believe Jesus is simple and loves everyone, no matter your social condition, where you have been born or what you have done in your life.
We believe diseases and special needs are not any kind of curse or, necessarily, consequences of a sin or a mistake the person or their parents have made. We believe mental illnesses exist and they should be treated the same way people would treat someone who is sick on their body and being mental ill do not means that someone is possessed by a demon at all.
We believe God, Jesus, Holy Spirit, angels and demons exists. We believe that God is the almighty and everything happens with His permission (which doesn’t mean He necessarily is happy with everything that happens). 
We believe Jesus is the only son of God and was perfect in everything He has done. We believe Jesus died for everyone’s sins and ressurected on the third day in body and now is alive with God. We believe everyone who repent from their sins and accept Jesus Christ as the Lord of their lives and try to live a life as Jesus taught on Bible will be saved by Grace and not by their deeds. 
We believe that Jesus has been on Earth loving people and we are focused in loving, improving people’s lives and in not making complex questions which will only be answered by Jesus Himself when we get to Heaven.
We believe Grace gives the ability for people to do good deeds to help others live a better life and to share Jesus with others.
We believe everyone was called to tell people about Christ. Some people will go to other nations or you’ll be in your school sharing about Jesus.
We believe God is the dream giver and if He gave You a dream He will confirm and if God told You something, He will do it!
We believe Jesus lived His life to make the invisible, visible. He did this while on Earth by helping people that everyone had closed their eyes upon and He healed them and taught them about God. 
We believe Jesus also did this with His death and resurrection, sin makes God hidden his face from people (Isaiah 59;2) but now mankind is able to be visible once again, to reach God with a heart in Christ, saved by Grace! 
Our faith beliefs are as simple as Jesus words to the disciples, everything we do is based on loving God above all things and on our loving our neighbors as ourselves.
This is the flame in our hearts and is what started our dreams and keeps 5 Star Global Ministry alive!


Nathan Collis Coelho & Autumn Heather Marshall

August 2019