Outreach Blessing Fund

This part of outreach was created to bless families that are going through an especially hard/stressful time because of unexpected health, family, or other situations. This is determined on a case by case basis through a team decision. Funding for this aspect of the program is limited and so we are not able to help everyone. There are forms in our office that families  fill out requesting assistance for 1 of 3 things listed below. We don’t advertise this help and usually wait for families to come to us and ask for help.  We then inform them they can apply for assistance:

Transport Assistance – There is a specific application that families can fill out if they are having difficulty making it to all the outreach events, activities, or therapy, etc. The amount given is determined on multiple factors. 
Funeral Assistance – when a child in the program passes away we believe this is an important time to support, love on  and help their family through this difficult time. We provide financial assistance to help cover a basic funeral, we do homevisits pre and post funeral and we try to bless each family with a solar power christian radio to continue to bring hope and encouragement in their difficult season.The solar power radios have the entire new testament in creole on them and locked to a christian radio station.  
General Outreach Blessing – This includes but not limited to difficulties such as damage due to a natural disaster like an earthquake or hurricane. Some ways we have used the blessing fund in the past has been to help families out with rent for a short period of time, help a family to start up a business, help parents with medical care when critically ill, help cover the cost of funeral when a parent passes away, help with fixing up a house that is unsafe, food blessing, help relocate families in a dangerous or unsafe situation, etc.