Programs Homevisits

Homevisits are important for multiple reasons. First being it is a big cultural thing to visit families at their home and so it is a great way to show our love to each family. Secondly since children with disabilities are often considered outcasts and hidden away, our visits gets the children out of their home and visible to the neighbors and watching community. The neighborhood is often watching and curious and most often we sit outside the house and love on the child and family. It starts breaking the negative stigma of these children and starts changing the way the community looks at the child when they see how much we value and care about each child with special needs as well as their family. Thirdly they are not scheduled and families do not know when we are coming. This allows us see how the child typically spends their day. Fourthly, It is a chance to be able to check on each child’s health as many families wait to long to bring their kids to the clinic. Lastly It is a chance for us to understand what the parents go through to get their child to the program and the travel and hiking involved. We have families that live in a 3 hour radius and so there is a lot of travel and hiking involved. During all Home Visits we share a devotional and have a time of prayer. Our focus is on encouraging the family and loving on them. 

We have 4 kinds of home visits:

  1. Therapy Home Visit – where we spend time reviewing each child’s Home Exercise Plan, check if their equipment still fits and works, and encourage the family to do daily exercise with their children.
  2. Regular Medical Home Visit– In which we check the overall health of the child, provide some individualized family education.
  3. Post Hospital/Clinic Visit- These visits are focused on checking on sick kids after they have started to receive treatment. To make sure the child is taking all medications correctly, that the child is getting better not worse, and to answer any questions the family might have. 
  4. Pre and Post Funeral Home Visit- When working with medically fragile children with special needs many of them pass away even with good care. We think it is just as important to support the family while the child is alive as helping them through saying goodbye and grieving. We want to be there when the families need us the most. 

” I am so thankful that therapy comes to visit Rolph at home now that he is to big for me to carry him to get him to therapy. He loves therapy and he needs it but he is almost as tall as me now and I just can’t carry him or find a truck willing to transport us.” – Momma Rolph