Rickets Vitamin

Rickets is a condition that causes children to have soft, weak bones. It usually occurs when children do not get enough vitamin D, which helps growing bones absorb important nutrient.

Almost half of all Haitian Children have sub-optimal vitamin D levels.

In order to address that sad circumstance and help the Haitian kids have better conditions of life we have been guided by God to create Rickets Vitamin Program for children with Bow Legs or Knock-Knees who come 1x a month and get free Vitamin D and Calcium pills. These 2 vitamins support healthy bone growth. Without these vitamins these children are at risk of having unstraight legs for the rest of their life which can limit their function later in life. 

Join us through prayers, donating or visiting us and together we can provide them a better quality of life!

“When he started coming he had a 16cm distance between his legs since starting the vitamins the distance now measures 11cm. I am so thankful for the program that is helping my sons legs to be straight and normal” – Momma Romial

“When I brought Mike to the program his legs were far apart and with taking the vitamins daily now they have greatly improved. I hope they finish going straight.” – Momma Mike 

“When he came to the program his legs were large space and after the vitamins his legs are almost completely straight. I am so thankful for this program!” – Momma Frederique