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This year we have 12 children whose families have applied for school sponsorship assistance. This is more children then we usually have apply for help. With the economic situation in Haiti majority families are just trying to feed their families and school isn’t even a possibility at this point. Majority of the country is in survival mode. 

Haiti has no free schools and thus if you want your child to go to school you not only have to pay school fees but then buy specific uniforms and textbooks, etc. In the US we often take for granted free access to an education. 

Personally I love that so many of our families see the value and importance of education for their children. Majority of these children have physical limitations that will make a physical labor job almost impossible in the future and therefore having an education is key to a bright future for many of our kiddos. 

I also love seeing the view of disabilities slowly shifting. 10 years ago we would not have had all these applications for sponsorship because no schools would accept children with handicaps… BUT now schools are more accepting and our parents have learned and feel empowered to advocate for their children. I just love this! 

Below are 10 of the children who still need sponsors along with the amount they each need. All these families know that applying does not guarantee help. That by applying I will share with supporters and if we get a sponsor then we will call them. You could be an answer to one of these families prayers! 

If you sponsor one of these kids we will ensure you get a photo of them in their school uniform when they start school. 

1. Belma Sonley- $160US
We have really got to know Sonley the past year as he had 2 major elbow surgeries and was coming to the clinic every other day for wound care and therapy. His family has used everything they had financially to go towards his surgeries this year and transport for him to be at the clinic so frequently. Sonley is 10 years old and is the sweetest young man. He needs $160 to pay for his schooling this year. 

2. Henrilus Josenaica- $125US
Josenaica also had major surgery on both of her legs this year and spent almost 6 weeks in the hospital in PAP. Her mom also used all the $ she had to cover food costs while in the capital caring for her daughter. She is asking for assistance to help her daughter enter kindergarten this year. Josenaika is 5 years old who had a severe hernia presenting as spina bifida and more recently was diagnosed with Arthrogryposis in both of her legs. 

3. Similien Layensky- $160US
Layensky lives on the island of Tortuga and it takes him 5 hours of travel by boat, moto, and foot to get the the clinic. He is 6 years old and going into 1st grade. He has a spinal cord injury that occurred when he was around 2 years old. He can no longer walk but can crawl and can propel his wheelchair. Layensky loves school and is really praying he can continue his schooling this year. 

4. Pierre Eldrina- $250US
Eldrina has been in the outreach program for years. She is 12 years old and going into 2nd grade. She loves school and works so hard both in school and therapy. She was born with cerebral Palsy but does not let her diagnosis slow her down! I have never seen her without a BIG SMILE! 

5. Marie Esther- $250US
Marie has also been in outreach for 6+ years and has come so far. She is one of our first kiddos that was integrated into school as both of her parents were teachers and knew the importance of education. She has Cerebral Palsy and cannot use her hands super well but has taught herself to write with her toes! She is one of the most hardworking and determined girls I know. She also always has a smile on her face. She is going into 3rd grade!

6. Canois Nahomie- $200US
Nahomie also has been in outreach for years since she was a year old. She is now 7 years old and has cerebral palsy. Over her years of therapy she has gained much more control over her body, she talks up a storm, and loves to learn. She is definitely ready to start school. Her mom advocated for acceptance into a school her sister goes to so that her sister can help her. Nahomie hopes to start kindergarten this fall. They lost their home to a flood this year and it has been an extremely tough year for this family. Her mom is one of the mothers who collects Moringa leaves and powders them for our multi-vitamin program. 

7. Ilfrenor Woodensky- $160US
Woodensky came to the program 3 years ago with bilateral clubfeet. He was to old to go through the poinsettie casting program and so had major orthopedic surgery on both feet last year. His feet are now straight and he worked hard to learn to re-walk and now is working hard in therapy to learn strengthen his ankles and legs.  He lives up in the mountains about 3 hour moto ride from the clinic. Woodenksy is 7 years old this year. His family does not have the ability to pay for his schooling this year. 

8. Sydney Clefnicha- $60US
Sydney is 14 years old and came to our program when she was just a few days old. We have done life with this family over the years. She has a tethered spinal cord and possibly a genetic disorder. Her mom is asking for help to buy her uniform and books this year to ensure that Sydney can go to school. Her dad died this year and a tree fell on their house destroying the roof. If has been a very hard year for them. 

9. Francois Keicha- $320US
Keicha is 3 years old and lives on the island of Tortuga. She entered the outreach program 2 years ago with torticollis and developmental delay. She has made great progress and her family would like to start her in preschool this year but does not have the financial means to do that. 

10. Noel Malina-  $555US 
Malina comes on of our poorest families. She is to big for her mother to bring her to therapy anymore as her mother is also ill. She spends her day sitting outside playing in the dirt and helping her mom with washing clothes and other tasks she can use her hands to help with. She was blessed to get a sponsor last year and thrived in school. She needs $220US to cover the cost of school tuition and then $30 a month to cover transport to and from school. She has hydrocephalus and cannot walk. Malina is always happy but last year when he mom could not continue paying transport for her to get to school she got very depressed. Out of all the children above I do feel Malina needs help the most. 
If you would like to sponsor 1 of the children above for school please reply to this email and let me know which child. You can donate the cost of their schooling 1 of the 4 ways listed below. 

2. Venmo:, 724-944-8290, fivestarglobalministry


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