Seizure Clinic

Many of the children in the outreach program have seizure’s. In Haiti seizure care is very limited, with limited medication options and even limited knowledge and understanding of seizures within the medical field. Epileptic seizures have historically been associated with religious beliefs in spirit possession. These attitudes and misconceptions about epilepsy still flourish in developing countries like haiti as byproducts of specific sociocultural environments. 

We are super blessed to partner with an organization Krazy Hope For Kids seizure team out of Cincinnati OH. They believe EVERY CHILD DESERVES TO THRIVE! They provide special needs orphans and community patients in Haiti with neurological assessment and needed medications. Unfortunately we have more kids in the outreach program with seizures than they currently have space available to help. Therefore we have about 50 outreach children that are on a waiting list. While they wait the outreach program gets them on the most available seizure medication in Haiti Phenobarbital. We start educating these families on what are seizures, how the medication has to be taken daily, and that seizures are not spirits but a misfiring in the brain. This prepares the children to be ready to enter the Krazy Hope for Kids Clinic when space becomes available. 

Krazy Hope For Kids comes to Haiti 3x a year to evaluate and reevaluate the patients and make appropriate medication changes as needed. The families come monthly to recieve medication refills and to check in on how the children are doing. There is a seizure hotline that is set up for parents to call and report when their child has a seizure so that can be recorded to help ensure correct dosages of medications and to help determine if changes need to be made. 

Krazy Hope for Kids

The Krazy Hope for Kids Medical Team has partnered with the Northwest Haiti Christian Mission Miriam Center to provide neurological care to special needs orphans and community patients. Ongoing care includes assessment and supply of medications for seizure, behavior, CP and sleep issues. This basic care is not available in Haiti. We currently have over 160 patients at a cost of $20,000 for 2019! 100% of donations go directly to the purchase of medications and are tax deductible!

In addition to providing care, our goals also include educating the Northwest region of Haiti to value special needs individuals as God’s children. In Haiti, individuals with special needs are seen as possessed by demons and are a burden. By controlling their seizures and behaviors, God’s love shines through them!

Another goal is to partner with the Haitian medical team in providing care to these patients. This partnership fosters medical education in the sub-specialty of neuroscience while nurturing our Christian relationship.

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