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Since I landed in the United States the first week of September I have been collecting supplies and playing the packing game in multiple states. I lost count of how many times I have loaded and unloaded my car…lol! As the conditions in Haiti continue to deteriorate and supplies become more expensive and scarce we are taking as many steps as we can to ensure we can continue to provide for the 350+ children and families that we serve the rest of 2023 and into 2024. The situation in Haiti has been deteriorating over the last year and is very complicated. I do not pretend to understand it all but a few facts… There is not 1 elected official left in Haiti, over 200 gangs continue to take control of large portions of the country, there are hundreds of thousands displaced Hatians, transportation is difficult and often unsafe, Haiti is considered the most dangerous country in the world, and to top it off The Dominican Republic (DR) closed it borders to Haiti over 5 weeks ago by land, sea and air. Majority of our supplies come from the DR including medicine and food.  Not knowing how long this closure would last we sent emergency funds to Haiti to stock up on supplies for a few months and I have been adding alot of extra supplies to my shipments to send into Haiti that I would normally buy in Haiti. Since we do not know what the future holds for the next 12-18 months we have decided to ship as many supplies as we can from the US to ensure we can keep as much of our programs running. Majority of the supplies we were able to get donated, some we outright purchased and others you graciously purchased off of our Amazon Wishlist! We are beyond grateful and so blessed by all the amazing supplies we have collected and have been shipped! I would have never imagined we would receive so many needed supplies! God provided down to the crazy details of an oxygen concentrator that bottles oxygen that I have been praying for! With that said we now need to raise the money to cover all the shipping costs. We are in need of raising $10,000 to cover the shipping of all these amazing supplies into Haiti. I know this seems like ALOT but remember these are critical supplies that will last us for the next year and some up to 2 years. 

To put in perspective the DR borders closing has resulted in no eggs being found in PdP the last 4 weeks…. Starting 2 weeks ago no bread has been found in PdP due to flour coming from the DR. Pharmacy’s are starting to run out of medicine as this also comes from the DR. Food prices have skyrocketed again. The average Haitian can’t afford to eat daily. Malnutrition has skyrocketed the last 2 months and 75% of the new  We are extremely blessed that the PdP shipping port is still open and we can still get supplies from the US. We are preparing for worst case scenario if the port does shut down. Majority of these supplies will arrive into Haiti before the new year! In fact the first Florida shipment was delivered today! 
 1st Pennsylvania Shipment Our first shipment went out from Pennsylvania. This shipment was a pallet of supplies that my dad packed with the help of Clenmoore Presbyterian Church. This shipment contains Christmas for 250 of our families as well as a variety of other clinic supplies. 
Totes: 12 + 3 boxes
Total Shipping Cost: $1200US

Florida Shipment
As soon as I landed in Florida I hit the ground running with the help of my dear friend Maria and her adorable son Macron. We hit around 16 stores in 3 days. We got so many needed supplies for the therapy clinic, pharmacy, nutrition program, and were even able to get supplies for some other missionaries and our sister clinics. Huge thank you to everyone who answered our emergency call for funds to buy as much protein as we could! It was an absolutely exhausting few days and Maria and I survived on caffeine and adrenaline. I wouldn’t have wanted to tackle that adventure with anyone else. I will say we both said never again will we tackle a project this big in 3 days…lol
Totes: 13 and 14 boxes
 Total Shipping Cost: $1,000US

Mission Reagan Texas Shipment

We were blessed by Mission Reagan who took our wishlist and 2 other ministry’s wishlists and filled 2 pallets of medical and nutrition supplies for us. They even packed all the supplies into totes that we provided them. Saved me days of packing and work. Was a HUGE Blessing! Then when I stopped in to thank them they filled the back of my SUV with another load of nutrition supplies! This will ship out from Texas in a few weeks. What a huge blessing. The supplies in these 18 totes are worth well over $300,000 if bought outright and we received them free of charge! So many lives will be impacted thanks to this organization and the amazing work they do!Totes: 18 totesTotal Shipping Cost: $1650US
Joseph Thomas Texas Shipment
While driving to Texas I picked up supplies in Missouri from Colleen. She and a few friends sewed these amazing bags for 209 of our outreach families. She also filled my car with a variety of needed medical supplies she had collected.

When I got to Texas I got 2 truck loads of supplies from the Joseph Thomas Foundation mainly nutrition supplies but also some good wound care and other medical supplies. What was packed in these 18 Totes was worth over $300,000 if we had outright bought the stuff! I am so thankful for Megan and Shana who helped transport and pack all these supplies! We had many laughs and adventures along the way!Totes: 18Total Shipping Cost: $1,800
2nd Florida Shipment (Amazon Prime Day)
We are so thankful to everyone who donated nutrition supplies from our Nutrition Amazon Wishlist during Amazon Prime Day! Maria was able to fill 8 totes full of Protein Powder and peanut butter powder!!! The benefit of buying items from our amazon wishlist is that we only have to pay 1 leg of transportation as Maria lives 20 minutes from the boat shipper and thus can just drop the supplies off. Nutrition is by far our biggest need right now as malnutrition is on the rise! Huge Thank you to Lubin our boat guy who came with his box truck to pick up both our Florida shipments straight from Maria’s House!
Totes: 8 and 4 bags of dog food
Total Shipping Cost: $400

FAME Shipment Indianapolis
The most recent shipment I just finished packing this week was at FAME in Indianapolis. This shipment had supplies not only from FAME but also from Memphis, Nashville, Lexington, Cincinnati and other places in IN that I collected on my way to FAME. Huge shoutout to Bioworks orthotics, Cincinnati children’s therapy departments, National orthotic prosthetics, and Changing Footprints for all the amazing supplies you collected and donated! This shipment is by far our largest shipment out of all the above. It took me 4 days to pack it. Thankfully Monday I had a crew of 6 friends helping pack and Tuesday morning had 2 friends helping. The focus of this shipment was medical supplies, therapy equipment, AFO/bracing, and shoes. We got some BIG and EXCITING items on this shipment including a Therapy arm bike, oxygen concentrator that also makes/bottles oxygen, Adjustable therapy table, and tons of pediatric therapy bracing. The value of supplies on these 2 pallets is easily over $250,000 if everything was outright purchased. HUGE thank you to FAME for letting us use their warehouse space to pack for 4 days straight! Totes: 21 and 6 boxes, bike, therapy table/chairs, oxygen concentratorTotal Shipping Cost: $3,000Final PA ShipmentWe have 1 final shipment that will go out from Pennsylvania late November. This shipment will focus on medical and nutrition supplies from Reagans Lending Closet, Prescription medications we purchased from Blessing International as well as much needed seizure medications for our kids. This shipment has not been pack but we are estimating 12 totes of supplies on this shipment. Estimated cost based on experience will be $1000  SPONSOR A TOTE!!!!I know this $10,000 need can seem incredibly overwhelming…. At least it does to me! BUT I know God will PROVIDE! So here is the breakdown. To ship 1 tote from somewhere in the US to Haiti it costs about $100 as your covering 2 legs of shipping. When it ships from Florida it cost an average of $50. Keep in mind some of these totes have up to $3,000 worth of supplies in 1 tote. So for $100 you are getting $3,000 worth of supplies into Haiti!!! Would you consider sponsoring a tote? No matter what aspect of outreach you are passionate about these supplies are what are going to allow that area to continue in 2024! WE NEED YOU TO!!!Sponsor a Medical Tote… A nutrition Tote… A therapy Tote…A christmas gift Tote or a random supply Tote! Would you take 5 minutes and forward this email to a few friends and ask them to sponsor a tote?TO DONATE

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