Many of the children we work with require surgery for a variety of different reasons. Common surgery’s needed are Hydrocephalus shunts, orthopedic surgery, cleft lip/palate surgery, and Hernia repairs. We strive to find a surgery team to meet each of the children’s needs and raise the funds for the care they need. The first place we look to get surgery needs fulfilled is at  Northwest Haiti Christian Mission who brings a variety of surgery teams to the area each year. If the surgery need is more urgent and can’t wait for a team or that type of surgery is not offered at the mission we look into hospitals in Port Au Prince the capital which is a 7-10 hour bus ride away. 

In 2020 began working alongside multiple organizations including Childspring International and Diquini Hospital in Haiti which has allowed us to get many children life changing and life saving orthopedic operations. We also partner with Bernard Mevs hospital in the capital to get our children hydrocephalus and spina bifida surgery. We have also had a few children receive specialized pediatric surgery and chemo from St. Damien Children’s hospital in PAP the capital. 

We do all we can to help each child get the life changing or life saving operation that they need. 


Chimaison has been apart of our program for the last 3 years. He came to us with severe leg deformities. We honestly thought he would never walk but were able to get him a Bella bumbo chair which he loves and zooms around on. About a year ago we found out if he had bilateral amputations and we had prosthetics made he would be able to walk!!!! 8 months ago he had his legs amputated and Just last week he got his prosthetic legs and is learning to walk. His life has truly been transformed through this surgery opportunity

NICKSON started in our program about 2 years ago. He has a severe case of Rickets that would not correct with Vitamins alone. His parents were told by the local school he would not be able to go to school due to his leg deformation. They did find a school to accept him but without surgery he probably would have lost the  ability to walk and also high probability of not finishing school. His parents cannot say thank you enough for what the program did for their son. His life is forever changed and they have so much hope for his future. This side by side shows the true transformation these orthopedic surgeries have for these kids.