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I am incredibly blessed to have an amazing team in Haiti that keeps everything fully running while I am stateside collecting supplies, support raising, and having some family time. I wanted to take a few minutes and share a few updates from Haiti! 
 Haitian Orthopedic Surgeon
We are super excited that Dr. Archelus a Haitian Orthopedic Surgeon has finished his training with Dr. Scott down at Diquini Hospital and has moved his family to PdP. He actually lives right around the corner from the clinic. He is working full-time at La Pointe Hospital doing Orthopedic Surgery. Since moving there first week of September he has done 6 major orthopedic surgeries for our kids that otherwise would have had to go all the way back to Diquini (12-15 hour trip 1 way through gang territories). We are also super excited that Dr. Archelus is partnering with our Hope Walks clubfoot clinic and doing the clubfoot Tenotomy procedures right at our clinic! This is a HUGE blessing to our families and to our staff. Last week he came and did 3 Tenotomies and will continue to come and do them as kids are ready. In the past we have had to wait till multiple kids were ready for the procedure and then send them 12+ hours away through gang territories to get the procedure done. We are so excited for our new partnership with Dr. Archelus both for Tenotomies and for major orthopedic surgeries. 

With that said We do have a surgery we need to get sponsor for this young woman is 13 and came from Ansrouge which is about 5 hours away. Dr. Archelus asked 5 STAR for help getting her a sponsor for her surgery as her family is unable to pay for her life changing surgery. We need $500 to cover his surgery.   
Did you know that we are up to 22 Haitian Staff working for 5 STAR?! God has truly blessed us with an amazing team of staff who all have a passion for the families we serve and a passion for serving the Lord through their individual gifts and talents. Here is the breakdown:
Therapy Department: 1 OT, 1 PT, 3 Rehab Technicians, 2 Activity Assistants, and a therapy dog! 

Medical: 4 nurses (2 focusing on medical homevisits and medical advocacy, 1 focused on nutrition, and 1 on preventative health through Vitamin Angel Distribution). 
Leadership/Supervision: Have a Haitian Director and Haitian co-director. Together they have been doing a wonderful job supervising the staff and keeping everything running. They work well together and add a Co-director really helped both the director and not feel so overwhelmed.

Pastoral Care: We are so excited that this year we were able to add a full-time pastoral care position care staff member. His role is multi-faceted as he is in charge of controlling who comes in and out of the clinic aka Gate Keeper but also to have intentional conversations with each person, lead group devotions after each therapy session, lead staff devotions each morning, and lead staff Bible study on Thursday Afternoons. To top it off he is a father in the program so can really relate to the other parents.


Security: we have 2 night security guards
 Mothers making Moringa powder: 5
We rely heavily on Moringa powder nicknamed the “Miracle Plant”. We have 5 mothers of children in our program who gather the leaves and powder them. We use this powder not just as our multivitamin source for all our children but also as a main ingredient we use in our malnutrition program. We added 2 more mothers this year and looks like we will need to probably add another 2 by 2024! When God puts a superfood right on your island you use it!
Please keep all our staff in your prayers. Pray that they would remain grounded in the Lord and draw strength from him. The work we do is not easy. This past month we had 8 children pass away and go to be with Jesus. Pray for the staff to not get discouraged and that God would give them the strength to keep serving these families.  Pray that they can love each family they serve well and share the love of Christ with them! Pray that we can gain more monthly support so that we can ensure to pay everyones salary each month. Since moving the clinic we have taken on $2,200 more per month in salary’s than we used to have. We have added some much needed positions and took over a few salaries that STAND was paying when we partnered with them. Would you please pray about possibly becoming a monthly partner with 5 STAR. Even a $25 a month donation makes a huge difference in the sustainability of the program and our amazing staff.  
Watch Me Grow Nutrition Program
The rate of malnutrition in Haiti has skyrocketed this year especially in the last few months since the borders to the DR have been closed. Due to the increased needs we re-evluated our current nutrition program and revamped it back in August. A fellow missionary Amber agreed to oversee the nutrition program and oversee the revamping. We named the new nutrition program “Watch Me Grow.” We went from serving 50 children to over 150! Instead of providing food 1x a month to families and not seeing progress…we now require weekly check ins with them and are seeing amazing transformations not just physically but spiritually as well! By meeting with the families weekly we are able to build relationship and encourage them. We are also able to adjust nutrition provided based on progress weekly. Amber is doing an incredible job overseeing this aspect of the program and we have realized that Watch Me Grow is a foundation to therapy. Majority of the children we serve who are developmentally delayed it traces back to malnutrition. As we meet each child’s nutritional needs we then see them being able to start meeting their developmental milestones rather quickly! Nutrition is expensive and therefore we are in great need of monthly sponsors for this program. Would you consider becoming a monthly nutrition partner. For just $75 a month you can provide sponsorship to1 child and meet their nutritional needs. Check out some of these transformation pictures below and CLICK To see the video Amber and our friend Anna (with YWAM) worked so hard to make! 

CLICK HERE To see the Watch Me Grow Video 

God answered a huge prayer for nutrition a few days ago. I have been praying for months that a store would have a really good sale on protein powder and I am so excited to share that God did just that! Really good Protein Powder for just $10 typically $40+ per canister. Dad was able to get 200 canisters but now we need to raise $2,000 to cover these 200 canisters of protein. Would you consider sponsoring 1 canister at $10. We rely on protein heavily in our nutrition program. 

The therapy program has been thriving! I have loved watching it flourish over the last 6 months. Abel (our OT) and Herlyne (our PT) have done a great job stepping up and leading. All the therapy staff have been given 1 area that they are responsible for and have been doing great with that! I love seeing their creativity in treatments and striving to make therapy fun for the kids. <img loading="lazy" decoding="async" height="500" width="500" src="https://mcusercontent.com/271b465c44db023c4c08d7183/images/c558b9ad-7b55-7890-1029

Shipping Adventures!!!

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Since I landed in the United States the first week of September I have been collecting supplies and playing the packing game in multiple states. I lost count of how many times I have loaded and unloaded my car…lol! As the conditions in Haiti continue to deteriorate and supplies become more expensive and scarce we are taking as many steps as we can to ensure we can continue to provide for the 350+ children and families that we serve the rest of 2023 and into 2024. The situation in Haiti has been deteriorating over the last year and is very complicated. I do not pretend to understand it all but a few facts… There is not 1 elected official left in Haiti, over 200 gangs continue to take control of large portions of the country, there are hundreds of thousands displaced Hatians, transportation is difficult and often unsafe, Haiti is considered the most dangerous country in the world, and to top it off The Dominican Republic (DR) closed it borders to Haiti over 5 weeks ago by land, sea and air. Majority of our supplies come from the DR including medicine and food.  Not knowing how long this closure would last we sent emergency funds to Haiti to stock up on supplies for a few months and I have been adding alot of extra supplies to my shipments to send into Haiti that I would normally buy in Haiti. Since we do not know what the future holds for the next 12-18 months we have decided to ship as many supplies as we can from the US to ensure we can keep as much of our programs running. Majority of the supplies we were able to get donated, some we outright purchased and others you graciously purchased off of our Amazon Wishlist! We are beyond grateful and so blessed by all the amazing supplies we have collected and have been shipped! I would have never imagined we would receive so many needed supplies! God provided down to the crazy details of an oxygen concentrator that bottles oxygen that I have been praying for! With that said we now need to raise the money to cover all the shipping costs. We are in need of raising $10,000 to cover the shipping of all these amazing supplies into Haiti. I know this seems like ALOT but remember these are critical supplies that will last us for the next year and some up to 2 years. 

To put in perspective the DR borders closing has resulted in no eggs being found in PdP the last 4 weeks…. Starting 2 weeks ago no bread has been found in PdP due to flour coming from the DR. Pharmacy’s are starting to run out of medicine as this also comes from the DR. Food prices have skyrocketed again. The average Haitian can’t afford to eat daily. Malnutrition has skyrocketed the last 2 months and 75% of the new  We are extremely blessed that the PdP shipping port is still open and we can still get supplies from the US. We are preparing for worst case scenario if the port does shut down. Majority of these supplies will arrive into Haiti before the new year! In fact the first Florida shipment was delivered today! 
 1st Pennsylvania Shipment Our first shipment went out from Pennsylvania. This shipment was a pallet of supplies that my dad packed with the help of Clenmoore Presbyterian Church. This shipment contains Christmas for 250 of our families as well as a variety of other clinic supplies. 
Totes: 12 + 3 boxes
Total Shipping Cost: $1200US

Florida Shipment
As soon as I landed in Florida I hit the ground running with the help of my dear friend Maria and her adorable son Macron. We hit around 16 stores in 3 days. We got so many needed supplies for the therapy clinic, pharmacy, nutrition program, and were even able to get supplies for some other missionaries and our sister clinics. Huge thank you to everyone who answered our emergency call for funds to buy as much protein as we could! It was an absolutely exhausting few days and Maria and I survived on caffeine and adrenaline. I wouldn’t have wanted to tackle that adventure with anyone else. I will say we both said never again will we tackle a project this big in 3 days…lol
Totes: 13 and 14 boxes
 Total Shipping Cost: $1,000US

Mission Reagan Texas Shipment
We were blessed by Mission Reagan who took our wishlist and 2 other ministry’s wishlists and filled 2 pallets of medical and nutrition supplies for us. They even packed all the supplies into totes that we provided them. Saved me days of packing and work. Was a HUGE Blessing! Then when I stopped in to thank them they filled the back of my SUV with another load of nutrition supplies! This will ship out from Texas in a few weeks. What a huge blessing. The supplies in these 18 totes are worth well over $300,000 if bought outright and we received them free of charge! So many lives will be impacted thanks to this organization and the amazing work they do!Totes: 18 totesTotal Shipping Cost: $1650US
Joseph Thomas Texas Shipment
While driving to Texas I picked up supplies in Missouri from Colleen. She and a few friends sewed these amazing bags for 209 of our outreach families. She also filled my car with a variety of needed medical supplies she had collected.

When I got to Texas I got 2 truck loads of supplies from the Joseph Thomas Foundation mainly nutrition supplies but also some good wound care and other medical supplies. What was packed in these 18 Totes was worth over $300,000 if we had outright bought the stuff! I am so thankful for Megan and Shana who helped transport and pack all these supplies! We had many laughs and adventures along the way!Totes: 18Total Shipping Cost: $1,800
2nd Florida Shipment (Amazon Prime Day)
We are so thankful to everyone who donated nutrition supplies from our Nutrition Amazon Wishlist during Amazon Prime Day! Maria was able to fill 8 totes full of Protein Powder and peanut butter powder!!! The benefit of buying items from our amazon wishlist is that we only have to pay 1 leg of transportation as Maria lives 20 minutes from the boat shipper and thus can just drop the supplies off. Nutrition is by far our biggest need right now as malnutrition is on the rise! Huge Thank you to Lubin our boat guy who came with his box truck to pick up both our Florida shipments straight from Maria’s House!
Totes: 8 and 4 bags of dog food
Total Shipping Cost: $400

FAME Shipment Indianapolis
The most recent shipment I just finished packing this week was at FAME in Indianapolis. This shipment had supplies not only from FAME but also from Memphis, Nashville, Lexington, Cincinnati and other places in IN that I collected on my way to FAME. Huge shoutout to Bioworks orthotics, Cincinnati children’s therapy departments, National orthotic prosthetics, and Changing Footprints for all the amazing supplies you collected and donated! This shipment is by far our largest shipment out of all the above. It took me 4 days to pack it. Thankfully Monday I had a crew of 6 friends helping pack and Tuesday morning had 2 friends helping. The focus of this shipment was medical supplies, therapy equipment, AFO/bracing, and shoes. We got some BIG and EXCITING items on this shipment including a Therapy arm bike, oxygen concentrator that also makes/bottles oxygen, Adjustable therapy table, and tons of pediatric therapy bracing. The value of supplies on these 2 pallets is easily over $250,000 if everything was outright purchased. HUGE thank you to FAME for letting us use their warehouse space to pack for 4 days straight! Totes: 21 and 6 boxes, bike, therapy table/chairs, oxygen concentratorTotal Shipping Cost: $3,000<img height="375"


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I wanted to take a minute and thank everyone who took the time to participate in our HundredX Fundraiser. We had 199 people sign up to do surveys and we raised $7,400! We may not have reached our goal but we did get halfway to our goal! This money will definitely be used to impact and change so many lives! I will not receive the list of who participated and how many surveys everyone filled out for 2 weeks but as soon as I do I will enter everyone who completed 75 surveys into a drawing for a piece of  beautiful Haitian metal art! 

I also want to thank everyone who gave in response to my last email of school sponsorship. I am blown away by the response and were able to get all the children sponsored!!!! God is so good! Thank you for giving these children an opportunity to get an education and a brighter future!

Thank you to those of you who responded to our URGENT NEED for our one employee whose husband was unjustly imprisoned and she is 8 months pregnant. The corruption is so hard in Haiti and prisons are so awful. With the $800 you generously donated she was able to hire a good lawyer and he is free from prison and home with her! This is truly a miracle!!!

As I write this email my heart is overflowing with thankfulness to all you for all your prayers and support. As ministry continues to flourish I know it is because of each of you supporting 5 STAR!SAVE THE DATE
Please mark your calendars and save the date for our Annual Lunch/Dinner and Chinese Auction at the Haitian Sensation in Sharon, PA on December 2, 2023 from 12PM-7PM. We have decided to expand it over lunch and dinner time to allow more people the opportunity to come and participate. We will have a Chinese Auction again and are in need of donated gift cards, handmade objects, baskets, etc. If you would like to donate an item or basket please respond back to this email. You do not need to be present to win with the Chinese auction and raffles. We will call you if you win to pick up items the following week!

There will also be Haitian Coffee, Haitian Vanilla, Haitian Chocolate, Haitian Hot Chocolate and a variety of Haitian Metal art and mugs for sale the night of the week leading up to the fundraiser at the Haitian Sensation. We are blessed to have a $50,000 match again this year!   

We are also looking for 10 businesses, church’s or individuals willing to be $1,000 sponsors for our fundraiser on December 2. See details below! Please share with anyone you think might be interested in being a sponsor!

The situation in haiti has gotten worse the last 3 weeks since the border to the Dominican Republic was closed by land, sea and air to Haiti. It is making it difficult to find critical supplies like medicine and food.  Majority of medications came from the DR and the food shortages have significantly increased as much of food was also imported through the DR border including the baby and toddler formula we use in our nutrition program. We have no idea when the borders will reopen and thus feel like we need to prepare as if they won’t re-open anytime soon. Rumor is they will stay closed till after Kenya troops leave Haiti which could be a year or more…We have had to pull from savings to act immediately in response to these 2 critical areas that fill huge gaps for our families (Nutrition and Medical). How are we Preparing for the worse case scenario but praying and hoping for the best…1st- we put in a medicine order through blessings international that costed about $2,000. This is antibiotics and other critical medicines that can’t be bought over the counter. This is to stock up our pharmacy for next year and hopefully will arrive to Haiti by January. We will also be trying to do a small pharmacy run and buy what is needed for the pharmacy to be stocked till the end of the year and plan to spend around $1,000. 2nd- we spent $2,500 buying flour, sugar, kiyes flour, powdered milk, baby formula, medical mamba from cap Haitian the day after the border closed to make everything we needed for 2 months for nutrition program3rd- we have created an amazon wishlist of top nutrition items we need to get stateside and on the boat to get into Haiti. If you want to physically buy some of these items and ship them to our Florida address it will packed and get on the boat later this week.  Click on the link below. AMAZON NUTRITION WISHLIST4th- we pulled from savings to buy $2,000 of baby formula in PAP to ensure we have what we need to hold us over till January. we will share the cost of plane with another ministry to fly it up toIn Total we need to raise $7,500 to replace these funds so we are ready for the next emergency that may come. Would you consider a donation towards one of the needs above NUTRITION or PHARMACY. I will be honest it has been a bit overwhelming trying to navigate this complex situation. We cannot predict the future but we know the 1 who knows all things including every need we have. I fully believe God wanted us to prepare as much as we could then surrender the rest to him and trust him to sustain and provide in the coming months. God cares even more for each of the children and families we serve than I do. We will do as much as we can and then surrender the rest to God!. TO DONATE
1. ONLINE CTEN WEBSITE- www.cten.org/5star

2. Venmo: contact@5star-ministry.com, 724-944-8290, fivestarglobalministry

3.PAYPAL: contact@5star-ministry.com

5 STAR Global Ministry
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Autumn Marshall OTR/L
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BLOG: www.autumnsreflections.blogspot.com Youtube: Autumn Marshall
Commission To Every Nation- www.cten.org/5starNorthwest Haiti Christian Mission– www.nwhcm.org


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This year we have 12 children whose families have applied for school sponsorship assistance. This is more children then we usually have apply for help. With the economic situation in Haiti majority families are just trying to feed their families and school isn’t even a possibility at this point. Majority of the country is in survival mode. 

Haiti has no free schools and thus if you want your child to go to school you not only have to pay school fees but then buy specific uniforms and textbooks, etc. In the US we often take for granted free access to an education. 

Personally I love that so many of our families see the value and importance of education for their children. Majority of these children have physical limitations that will make a physical labor job almost impossible in the future and therefore having an education is key to a bright future for many of our kiddos. 

I also love seeing the view of disabilities slowly shifting. 10 years ago we would not have had all these applications for sponsorship because no schools would accept children with handicaps… BUT now schools are more accepting and our parents have learned and feel empowered to advocate for their children. I just love this! 

Below are 10 of the children who still need sponsors along with the amount they each need. All these families know that applying does not guarantee help. That by applying I will share with supporters and if we get a sponsor then we will call them. You could be an answer to one of these families prayers! 

If you sponsor one of these kids we will ensure you get a photo of them in their school uniform when they start school. 

1. Belma Sonley- $160US
We have really got to know Sonley the past year as he had 2 major elbow surgeries and was coming to the clinic every other day for wound care and therapy. His family has used everything they had financially to go towards his surgeries this year and transport for him to be at the clinic so frequently. Sonley is 10 years old and is the sweetest young man. He needs $160 to pay for his schooling this year. 

2. Henrilus Josenaica- $125US
Josenaica also had major surgery on both of her legs this year and spent almost 6 weeks in the hospital in PAP. Her mom also used all the $ she had to cover food costs while in the capital caring for her daughter. She is asking for assistance to help her daughter enter kindergarten this year. Josenaika is 5 years old who had a severe hernia presenting as spina bifida and more recently was diagnosed with Arthrogryposis in both of her legs. 

3. Similien Layensky- $160US
Layensky lives on the island of Tortuga and it takes him 5 hours of travel by boat, moto, and foot to get the the clinic. He is 6 years old and going into 1st grade. He has a spinal cord injury that occurred when he was around 2 years old. He can no longer walk but can crawl and can propel his wheelchair. Layensky loves school and is really praying he can continue his schooling this year. 

4. Pierre Eldrina- $250US
Eldrina has been in the outreach program for years. She is 12 years old and going into 2nd grade. She loves school and works so hard both in school and therapy. She was born with cerebral Palsy but does not let her diagnosis slow her down! I have never seen her without a BIG SMILE! 

5. Marie Esther- $250US
Marie has also been in outreach for 6+ years and has come so far. She is one of our first kiddos that was integrated into school as both of her parents were teachers and knew the importance of education. She has Cerebral Palsy and cannot use her hands super well but has taught herself to write with her toes! She is one of the most hardworking and determined girls I know. She also always has a smile on her face. She is going into 3rd grade!

6. Canois Nahomie- $200US
Nahomie also has been in outreach for years since she was a year old. She is now 7 years old and has cerebral palsy. Over her years of therapy she has gained much more control over her body, she talks up a storm, and loves to learn. She is definitely ready to start school. Her mom advocated for acceptance into a school her sister goes to so that her sister can help her. Nahomie hopes to start kindergarten this fall. They lost their home to a flood this year and it has been an extremely tough year for this family. Her mom is one of the mothers who collects Moringa leaves and powders them for our multi-vitamin program. 

7. Ilfrenor Woodensky- $160US
Woodensky came to the program 3 years ago with bilateral clubfeet. He was to old to go through the poinsettie casting program and so had major orthopedic surgery on both feet last year. His feet are now straight and he worked hard to learn to re-walk and now is working hard in therapy to learn strengthen his ankles and legs.  He lives up in the mountains about 3 hour moto ride from the clinic. Woodenksy is 7 years old this year. His family does not have the ability to pay for his schooling this year. 

8. Sydney Clefnicha- $60US
Sydney is 14 years old and came to our program when she was just a few days old. We have done life with this family over the years. She has a tethered spinal cord and possibly a genetic disorder. Her mom is asking for help to buy her uniform and books this year to ensure that Sydney can go to school. Her dad died this year and a tree fell on their house destroying the roof. If has been a very hard year for them. 

9. Francois Keicha- $320US
Keicha is 3 years old and lives on the island of Tortuga. She entered the outreach program 2 years ago with torticollis and developmental delay. She has made great progress and her family would like to start her in preschool this year but does not have the financial means to do that. 

10. Noel Malina-  $555US 
Malina comes on of our poorest families. She is to big for her mother to bring her to therapy anymore as her mother is also ill. She spends her day sitting outside playing in the dirt and helping her mom with washing clothes and other tasks she can use her hands to help with. She was blessed to get a sponsor last year and thrived in school. She needs $220US to cover the cost of school tuition and then $30 a month to cover transport to and from school. She has hydrocephalus and cannot walk. Malina is always happy but last year when he mom could not continue paying transport for her to get to school she got very depressed. Out of all the children above I do feel Malina needs help the most. 
If you would like to sponsor 1 of the children above for school please reply to this email and let me know which child. You can donate the cost of their schooling 1 of the 4 ways listed below. 
1. ONLINE CTEN WEBSITE- www.cten.org/5star

2. Venmo: contact@5star-ministry.com, 724-944-8290, fivestarglobalministry

3.PAYPAL: contact@5star-ministry.com

5 STAR Global Ministry
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T-minus 3 days left in our HundredX fundraiser! Please keep filling out surveys!

We reached $5,500 raises so far! A little over 1/3 of the way to our goal of $15,000

Everyone who fills out all 75 surveys will be entered into a drawing to win a piece of Haitian metal art!!!!

It is not to late to get signed up and start participating. You can only do 25 surveys per day so please do not wait till the very last day to start!

Hundred X is pretty awesome as you simply fill out a few survey’s that literally take about 1 minute each and each survey you fill out 5 STAR (my ministry) gets $2! You are allowed to fill out up to 75 surveys before October 3. Would you consider signing up and filling out a few surveys a day or sitting down a few evenings and just getting them done. You can only do a max of 25 per day. It is a great way to give of your time verses resources. If you fill out 75 survey’s you


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OCTOBER ROAD TRIPAutumn will be leaving October 1st for a 5 week road trip across 9 states. During this trip she will be visiting friends, supporters, ministry partners, and packing multiple loads of supplies to go into Haiti. Below are the dates and the master plan of when I will hit various states and major city areas. If you live close by and would like to meet up with me please reply back to this email or text me at 724-730-3537. 
-Toledo- October 1-3
-Indianapolis- October 3-6
-St. Louis, MO- October 6
-Hollister, MO-October 7-8
-Oklahoma City- October 9-12
-Abilene TX- October 13-17
-Dallas TX- October 17-20
-Oklahoma City- October 20-22
-Harrison, Ark- October 22
-Memphis, TN- October 23-24
-Louisville, KY- October 25
-Cincinnati, OH- October 26-28
-Lexington, KY- October 29-31
-Dayton, OH- November 1
-PA- November 2

I will be packing boat shipments in TX and in KY as well as gathering supplies to take back to PA for shipment in IN. 

Please pray for safe travels during this long road trip. Pray for sweet times of fellowship and that all the packing of supplies would go smoothly. 

I just got back from an amazing week in Northern NV visiting friends and supporters who she has not seen in over 12 years. It was absolutely wonderful to sit with so many and catch up on what seems like a lifetime. God sure has taken us all on so many adventures during these past 12 years. I had the chance to make some new friends as well. I am very thankful for the blessing to visit after so many years. NV was where God placed me to prepare me to move to Haiti. I used to hike up at Lake Tahoe many weekends and God would speak to me in the mountains. I even enjoyed an afternoon hiking up at the lake!

T-minus 6 days left on the HundredX Fundraiser. As of today we have raised $4,500 out of the possible $15,000. Please keep filling out surveys if you have started. You can fill up to 75 surveys and every survey provides 5 STAR with $2! Please continue to share with friends as well and encourage them to help us reach our goal!

1. ONLINE CTEN WEBSITE- www.cten.org/5star

2. Venmo: contact@5star-ministry.com, 724-944-8290, fivestarglobalministry

3.PAYPAL: contact@5star-ministry.com

5 STAR Global Ministry
2142 High Hill Rd
Pulaski PA 16143

Autumn Marshall OTR/L
President and Co-founder 5 STAR Global Ministry
Miriam Center Therapy Coordinator
WEBSITE: www.5star-ministry.com
BLOG: www.autumnsreflections.blogspot.com 
Youtube: Autumn Marshall
Commission To Every Nation- www.cten.org/5star
Northwest Haiti Christian Mission– www.nwhcm.org

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