Ederson Mom shared:

“When Ederson started the program he could not open his hands, turn on to his back or stomach. Since being in therapy he is now starting to turn from his stomach to his back and he is able to now open his hands on his own. He has gotten so much stronger since starting therapy. The program has also provided him with a special chair that allows him to sit up. I am so thankful for the outreach program.”


Widely’s mom said:

“Before the therapy program Widely was unable to walk. Now, thanks to the program he is able to! I thank God, because this program is here to help heal him. I am also very thankful for the medical aspect of the program that really helped my son this year after he had an accident that resulted in a burned foot and leg. They helped with wound care but also positioning so he did not get contractures. Also because of the vitamin program Widely is eating much better now and getting better nutrition. I am so thankful for the program”


Princesse’s mother said she could not turn over, but after therapy she is now able to. Both her mom and dad say she is able to now make gestures if she doesn’t agree with them. She is also able to now say “mom” and “dad’. Her mother also said, she is able to eat well now because of the vitamins she receives. The equipment the program provided has helped her be able to stand.


Djoulian’s grandma shared:

“I have been in the therapy program with Djoulian since July of 2017 after both his parents died in a bus accident. When we first came Djoulian was thirteen months old and could not even hold his head up and could not do anything else. With the program, He can now hold his head up, roll, he can sit land can now his feet are straight. The program helped us find a room to rent and paid the rent for 2 years after I found myself living on the streets with nowhere to go. Multiple times Djoulian was very sick and the program paid for all his care and medicine. I struggle with providing Djoulian the nutrition he needs and the program helps me by providing nutritious food that I just add boiling water to as well as vitamin enhanced peanut butter supplements daily. This past year I found myself unable to work anymore due to leg and back pain. I was unable to provide food for myself or Djoulian. The program found has been blessing me with a small food blessing every month. Without the program I would never have been able to care for my grandson and I would have given up. I find so much encouragement through this program.”


Robertho’s mom shared:

“The therapy program has helped my son, when he started he did not know how to sit. Now, he is starting to sit well and with little problems. He is also very small and the programs nutrition program has provided Robertho with peanut butter. Since eating the vitamin enhanced peanut butter it has helped him to get stronger and gain weight.”


Ellias’s mom shared:

“Therapy has helped my son when he started doing therapy he couldn’t do anything and his muscles were super tight. now he can do many small movements on his own, he is no making an effort to lift his head and hold it, his muscles are looser and he can now put his hand to his mouth. My son has trouble eating and the program has helped greatly with a variety of nutrition supplements including vitamin enhanced peanut butter, special milk, and food I just add boiling water to. The nutrition aspect of the program has helped him to gain strength and weight.”


Robens’ father shared:

“When my son started therapy he could not hold his head but after his first 20 weeks of therapy he is starting to hold his head. The program also provided him with a stander that we use at home and a chair that he is able to sit in. Both pieces of equipment are helping him get stronger.”


Thelusma has been apart of the outreach program for the last 6 years. Her mother shared:

“Therapy has helped my daughter so much over the years to regulate her sensory behaviors through sensory strategies and behavior medications. She was walking and doing great until she became very sick about a year ago. She was in the hospital for weeks with a high fever and low blood count. She ended up needing a blood infusion. When she got out of the hospital she was unable to walk. She has been doing a lot of therapy since the illness but is unable to walk. She has a lot of tone in her legs now. Thelusma still tries to stand and wants to walk and I pray she will one day walk again. The program has provided us with a wheelchair for now which helps me greatly. I am so thankful for this program and all the ways it has helped us over the years.”


Stessie’s mom shared:

“When they started coming for therapy Stessie wasn’t able to stand on her own or walk and her one foot was turned out. Now she can stand and walk on her own. She has made so much progress.”


Landji’s dad shared:

“Landji is close to two years old. When I started the program in November my baby could not do anything. Now she is trying to sit on her own and then stand up. I am so happy to be in the program because it helps so many children. I see that my child is starting to do more everyday.”


Rose Djina Mom shared:

“Therapy has helped Rose Djina a lot. When she started the program she was not able to crawl, but now can and always puts in a lot of effort during therapy. She loves to put things in her mouth and is also trying to stand up and sit down. She had seizures when she started the program, but after receiving medication she no longer has them. The vitamin program has helped her appetite and she is now eating well.”

Rose Djina

Berline’s mother said:

“Before the program Berline could not hold her head up at all but now she puts in a lot of effort and is trying to hold her head up. The program provided her with equipment to help her sit and stand as well as a special tent playpen to keep her safe when I have to leave the house. She used to have many seizures but because of the medication she receives, she does not have very many seizures anymore.. The vitamin program has helped her appetite to increase along with the daily peanut butter supplement she is gaining a little weight. When Berline is sick I am able to get her medical care regardless if I have money which is such a relief. Since my husband died I am left to raise my 4 kids alone. Without the transportation assistance the program provides I would not be able to keep coming. It takes me 3 hours to get to the clinic from my house. I am so thankful for all the ways the program helps me to provide for Berline.”


Nahomie’s mom shared:

“The outreach program has helped me and my daughter so much. The therapy program has helped her gain the ability to hold her head and begin to use her hands and she is almost able to sit on her own. The program has provided her with equipment that helps her sit and stand. She has progressed a lot in her language development. The program provides seizure medication that has enabled her to be free from seizures. the program has even provided me with a job collecting and powdering Moringa to help make the vitamins. I have found friends and fellowship with other parents in the program. I look forward to going to parent education and fun activities.”


Abigaelle’s cousin shared that when Abigaelle started coming to therapy she had no control over her body but now after therapy she can roll, get to sitting position on her own and sit independently. Abigaelle also can play by herself and is able stand with assistance. The program has helped Abigaelle so much and they would like to say THANK YOU for helping them provide the specialized care Abigaelle requires. 


Izza’s was born with hydrocephalus. She is on a waiting list to receive a shunt but has not has the opportunity yet. Izza’s mom reports that the therapy aspect of the program has really helped her daughter. When Izza first started the program, she could not hold her head up or hold onto anything in her hands or eat on her own. Now, she is able to do all of these things. Izza is also starting to take some steps!!! Thanks to the program providing a scholarship Izza is able to go to school and is thriving! She loves school! The building clinic has been a huge blessing as well as Izza has received many pieces of adaptive equipment over the last few years to help her sit, stand, and walk.


Djisleyda’s mom shared that the medical aspect of the program has helped her daughter tremendously over the past 5 years. Djisleyda was born with spina bifida and within 4 days of her being born the program paid for her to have surgery in the capital to close her spina bifida on her back. When she was 1 month old Djisleyda started casting for her clubfeet and received surgery 2 different times during the process of correcting her feet. When she was around a year old her head began to grow in size and she required surgery for a shunt to be placed. Djisleyda also has bad seizures and the program has provided her with anti seizure medicine that has kept her child’s seizures under control.  Without the program she would not have been able to provide all the care her daughter needed. She cannot thank the program enough for helping meet her daughters medical needs. 


Derniska’s mom shared how much the medical aspect of the program helped her daughter. Her daughter was having a lot of stomach pain. With the help of the program they saw multiple doctors before a sonogram was finally done. That sonogram revealed a mass. The program helped them go to the capital and have multiple tests done that revealed a mass on her liver that needed surgery. Without the programs help mom says she would have never been able to afford the surgery. Thanks to the program Derniska is doing great since surgery and has even started walking with one hand held since getting back from surgery. She would like to say thank you to everyone who gave financially and prayed for her and Derniska over the past year!


Anide’s sister reports that the program has helped so much with her sisters medical problems. Anide has an immune deficiency disorder that causes her to get sick more frequently than other children. Thanks to the program  she is  able to take her sister for medication and exams and the program takes care of all the expenses. Without the program she could not take care of her sister.